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Monday, June 1, 2009

Blogger and the Great Unknown...

I've been meaning to start a blogger blog and now I have.  The main reason is that Tumblr, although easy and, well, easy, doesn't allow anything like a blog roll.  Now one of the main reasons to blog is to reach other people.  A blog that falls on its own in a forest isn't heard.  Is it really even a blog?  I don't know.  Blogrolls are big good.  They allow all five of ones readers to find the other people who you like to read.  I'm really looking forward to this and to enlarging this readership.

I was born with a desire to create...mud patties, music, acorn mush, strange cookies...and as a teenager, young adult, and adult, I wanted to share my creations.  Some people think this is odd. To me it's the blood flowing through my veins. I'm really interested in what I can make, how people can use it, what they think about it, what THEY make, how I can use it, and the whole dialogue.  I'm really excited to live in a time when this is possible not just in little clubs and classes, but with people all over the world! 

So...this is a blog about stuff I think about and want to share.  It won't always be good.  I'm not interested in literary quality or even cohesive ideas all the time.  It's not really an online journal, more a series of tiny little essays on what's rocking my world in big and little ways.

I was really inspired by Eat, Pray, Love when I read it just over a year and a half ago.  So inspired by her determination to find what her bliss was and pursue it that I started forming little ideas to do that too.  In a meditation one day a little voice literally spoke up and said "make malas."  The voice of my higher self, I suppose.  Sometimes I'm daunted by the thought of making something so seriously-intended.  But more and more I feel a relaxed joy at the thought of these limited design problems--what materials, what colors, how tight, for whom, how quickly to ship, what to pray while I make it.  And I love "meeting" my customers from all over the world.

I guess for me it's a complete fit right now.  I sell them on Etsy as "compassionmalas" because Heart of Compassion Malas doesn't fit into their user name requirements.  But Heart of Compassion Malas will remain the name because it says what I mean: these malas are made from my heart with an intention to invoke the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for everyone.  The Heart of Compassion means, among other things, the deepest soul's wish for enlightenment for the sake of all beings.  It is the deepest love.  And that's what I'm striving for in my imperfect way to express and share.

Some days there are glimpses of ease in it.  Many days it's very hard.  But it's a great trip.
Walk along with me.

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elsiee said...

I have my walking shoes on and am ready to go... you lead, I'll follow! welcome to blogspot, excellent choice of "second" husband, uh I mean blog!!

BTW did I mention how much I LOVE my mala, I love my mala!!

Laura said...

Yay, Elsiee found me! I may not be a tree falling alone in a forest.


Anonymous said...

I like your new blog layout! Looking forward to tagging along on the journey.

Mare said...

Now walking is something i can do! Just don't start running marathons! :) Welcome to Bloggerworld! Love, mare

Anonymous said...


No. you are not alone..You might be a gentle voice crying in the wilderness, though...have faith and trust. LVoe,Kathryn