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Thursday, June 4, 2009

And this little Mala went all the way to Hong Kong

I'm thrilled. Heart of Compassion Malas' first mala sent to China and second to Asia! This feels big because the tradition of malas comes from Asia. Who am I? Some Buddhist Caucasian girl (woman) in California who loves to make malas. But in Asia they have malas down! So many styles and traditions of malas exist in Tibet, India, and throughout Asia.
My mala is happy to go join its new owner in Hong Kong, where it will get to see the sunrise a half a day before I will every day. Maybe it will do early morning practice, which I never do.

It went with its own set of turquoise mala mantra counter beads.

This mala was first designed for a friend in my local sangha. It is made of rosewood that is unvarnished and natural, with marker beads of Tibetan agate, moss agate, and a guru bead of carnelian. My friend uses it when he does prostrations, which is really asking a lot from any mala. It hits the floor as he does. I commend his efforts! But for prostrations I recommend a 22-bead mala on stretch cord worn over the hand. Very convenient.

Ah, the technology of practice. Think of prayer wheels and prayer flags! So many meaningful ways to spread and be surrounded by the blessings of the Buddhas. And we can sure use that in this crazy world.



elsiee said...

I'm with you! I love thinking of something that I made traveling across the miles and living on the other side of the globe - but selling malas in Asian countries..? No more complement than you deserve for your lovely work!

Mare said...

Wow! That is fantastic! But i am not surprised. I can feel the love you put into your sweet malas... :)